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Welcome, this is Shujie Wu (吴姝杰).

I am an Assistant Professor in Economics at Zhejiang University (ZJU), School of Economics.

My research interests are International Finance and Corporate Finance. My recent work studies the impacts of FDI openness on Chinese firms, with a focus on the financial outcomes.

I studied at Zhejiang University (B.A.), and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (M.Phil and Ph.D.).

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FIEs and the Transmission of Global Financial Uncertainty: Evidence from China

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2023, Vol. 58(2), pp. 777-804. (with Haichun Ye)

Download Here: [PDF]

Featured as VoxChina column, July 2021.

Financial Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from China

Journal of International Economics, 2024, accepted. (with Haoyuan Ding, Shu Lin, and Haichun Ye)

Download Here: [PDF]

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